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About the Co-Lab

The Co-Lab at RWU reimagines public stories, histories, and storytelling by changing the dynamics of whose stories get told, how, and by whom. RWU的联合实验室的工作集中在历史上被边缘化或被抹去的人群,并邀请他们与我们一起调查和讲述一套新的定义叙事和新英格兰地区的表现.

The Co-Lab's Mission

RWU的跨学科合作实验室致力于分享和培养包容性叙事, representations, 历史使历史上被边缘化或被抹去的人群能够被听到和看到. The Co-Lab at RWU cultivates knowledge rooted in authentic, reciprocal, and ethical collaboration between scholars, communities, and practitioners in the arts and humanities. 我们与社区合作,通过奖学金来改变我们的学科, programs, and methods that center community perspectives, needs, and knowledge.

More About the Co-Lab

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On Friday, June 7, 2024, 网赌的十大网站公共人文与艺术合作中心(the Co-Lab)将举办 (再)讲述:在新英格兰南部制作种族和地方的新故事 at the Providence Public Library in Providence, R.I. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, 这个区域性的公共人文聚会将把各组织聚集在一起, groups, 并机构从事公共人文学科工作的研究, crafting, and sharing stories about race and place in our region.

(Re)Telling Conference Details
Rhode Island Slave History Medallion

Community-Engaged Public Humanities Training Series


2023-2024 Training Series Schedule
Hidden Truths: Stories of Race and Place


RWU的联合实验室很高兴推出第三届年度“隐藏的真相:种族和地方的故事”系列讲座. 本系列以RWU教职员工的研究和政策工作为特色,重新展现了不为人知的历史,并使我们对集体过去的认知和理解变得复杂. 该系列让校园社区和公众就过去的不平等如何继续影响当今的社会和文化现实和差异进行更深入的理解和知情对话.

2023-2024 Hidden Truths Schedule
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Anti-Racist Community Engagement Speaker Series

RWU公共人文与艺术合作(联合实验室)正在赞助一个由四部分组成的系列,在春季2024年反种族主义社区参与,其中包括最近出版的书的四位编辑 Anti-Racist Community Engagement.

Spring 2024 Speaker Series

Focus Areas

RWU的联合实验室专注于让公众参与历史领域, the visual and performing arts, heritage and heritage conservation, space and place, material and visual culture, historical narrative, and public education and intellectualism. 我们对包容性叙事相关主题的调查包括口语, the written, the visual, the theatrical, and the embodied, 正如我们想象的那样,人们既是地理和文化景观的生产者,也是其产物.

Co-Lab Focus Areas
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Faculty, students, 罗杰·威廉姆斯各个学科的工作人员都参与了公共人文和艺术项目,这些项目在我们地区创造了未被充分代表的故事和群体, our country, and around the globe more audible and visible. Working closely with communities near and far, these projects call attention to past and ongoing injustices, as well as the resiliency and creative survival of these groups.

Learn About Our Work
Jason Jacobs, 文学副教授,联合实验室创始人之一, and Elaine Stiles, 联合实验室主任兼历史保护副教授.

Community-Engaged Academic Program and Partnerships

一项享有盛誉的国家人文基金会拨款协助开设新的公共人文与艺术(PHA)辅修课程, 支持教职员工和社区合作伙伴开发以社区项目为中心的课程. 

The PHA Minor

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