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凭借50多年的学术严谨和作为该地区顶尖学院之一的杰出声誉, 网赌的十大网站提供十多个研究生和证书课程. 由经验丰富的教师授课的小班授课带来个性化的教育体验, which is at the heart of an RWU education. Whether you choose to pursue your education through a full-time, in-class program or through part-time, online courses, RWU has a program to fit into your busy schedule.

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  • Architecture

    A degree in Architecture combines rigorous professional training in design, history, planning and technology with a broad liberal arts education. 我们的学生有机会在欧洲学习建筑,并通过RWU独一无二的居住教学公司计划获得有成就的专业人士的批评. When you complete this accredited program, you’ll be prepared to take the next step toward becoming a professional architect.

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  • Business Administration (MBA)

    专为RWU本科生或从aacsb认证机构获得本科商业学位的学生设计, this accredited, 一年制工商管理硕士课程为获得MBA学位提供了方便快捷的途径. In just one year, you will gain the strategic thinking, 解决问题和领导能力,为你在竞争激烈的商业环境中做好准备. 该计划将我们位于普罗维登斯的最先进的Metro校区的核心商业学科课程与所需的实习和国际学习相结合,为您提供在国内和国际舞台上的实际现实经验.

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  • Cloud Computing

    This intensive, 以职业为导向的证书使学生能够利用创新云技术的力量来改变数字基础设施的未来.

  • Construction Management

    RWU认可的本科建筑管理课程为未来的住宅领导者做好准备, commercial and highway building. Through classes, labs and hands-on projects in engineering, business, math, science, law and liberal arts, 您将学习如何管理建设项目从开始到结束-包括调度, budgeting, choosing materials and safely supervising people. 这就是为什么建筑雇主经常报告我们的毕业生表现超出预期. The graduate program offering provides advanced coursework in project management, construction finance, law, and other topics for aspiring construction leaders.

  • Criminal Justice

    RWU’s interdisciplinary Criminal Justice program combines courses in policing, 通过社会科学的研究,向您介绍刑法的理论和实践以及刑事司法系统的道德复杂性. 随着实习和指导我们的教师经验丰富的从业者, you’ll be prepared for careers such as law enforcement, counseling and probation or to advance into graduate study or law school.

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  • Cybersecurity

    As technology threats continue to grow worldwide, so does the demand for highly trained cybersecurity experts. RWU’s Cybersecurity degree combines technical skills, 情景管理和解决问题的能力,为你在信息安全领域的职业生涯提供培训. Created in partnership with industry professionals, 这个尖端的课程是在线教授的,使用虚拟环境来模拟你将在工作中监控的操作系统.

  • Cyberspecialist

    该研究生证书探讨了高级密码学领域中网络安全的高技术方面, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and intrusion detection.



  • Digital Forensics

    Study the growing field of Digital Forensics at RWU, where students learn how to solve computer crimes like viruses, data sabotage and financial fraud. You’ll discover how investigators acquire, analyze and manage evidence collected from computers and mobile devices, as well as how to present this evidence in court.



  • Forensic Mental Health Counseling

    A two-year, full-time, 60 credit-hour program, 法医心理健康咨询艺术硕士是为希望在法医或法律环境中提供心理健康服务的学生设计的. Rooted in clinical practice, 该项目为学生提供超过200小时的实习工作和600小时的实习经验. 该计划还为未来的Psy博士研究提供了适当的基础.D. program.​

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  • Leadership

    When you study Leadership at RWU, you aren’t just investing in your communication, negotiation and accountability skills. 我们的领导力学生继续创建使用创造力的高性能组织, innovation and improvisation to adapt to the new challenges of our globalized, technological 21st century world. 通过本课程学习的动态领导技巧和方法可以帮助任何组织取得成功.

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  • Middle School Certification

    When you become certified to teach middle school, 您将学习如何帮助这个关键年龄段的学生建立在小学所学的基础上,并为高中做好准备. RWU的中学认证为小学和中学教育毕业生提供了在中学课堂上取得成功的额外工具, including how to build a curriculum, instruct students and assess their development.

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  • Preservation Practices

    As one of the oldest historic preservation programs of its kind in America, RWU的保存实践结合了历史等学科的多学科课程, architecture, 法律和经济学与严格的现场为基础的专业研讨会和实习. Because preservation is as much about people and place as it is about history, you’ll study historic buildings, landscapes and communities both here in New England and abroad in Florence, Italy.

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  • Public Administration (MPA)

    Uniquely set in the School of Justice Studies, RWU’s Public Administration program emphasizes accountability, transparency, ethics, 隐私和参与——这些价值观将决定你在政府或非营利组织的管理生涯. By analyzing public policy, 你将学习如何将不同的群体聚集在一起,并找到关键社会问题的解决方案, preparing you to work in a broad range of fields including healthcare, environment, fundraising and homeland security.

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  • Public Management

    When you study Public Management at RWU, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge to become a manager in the public sector. The program offers classes in a range of areas, from ethics and public law to grant writing and program evaluations. 无论你是自己获得这个证书还是作为公共管理硕士学位的一部分, you’ll develop the values of accountability, transparency, ethics, privacy and participation that are core to any government or nonprofit career.

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  • Real Estate

    The master's degree, graduate certificate, 在房地产和辅修课程准备学生和专业人士拥抱全方位的房地产理论和实践的设计领域, finance, management, construction, regulatory affairs, environmental conditions, and social policy.

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  • Special Education

    特殊教育硕士课程旨在为教师提供各种能力的支持. Available with full-time and part-time options, 该计划为应届毕业生和在职教育工作者提供灵活性,他们在小学特殊教育或中学特殊教育中寻求额外的执照.



  • Urban and Regional Planning

    The Graduate Certificate in Urban & 区域规划为学生提供了加深城市知识的选择, regional, 社区规划原则和程序将补充现有的技能和知识.

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