RWU实习经历 builds opportunities for our students to explore different career paths, 获得宝贵的专业经验, 参与研究项目, 并为毕业后的职业生涯做好准备. RWU offers internships as part of the powerful combinations of joining your classroom studies with hands-on experience in industry, community, 以及研究设施. 

RWU students benefit from competitive internship and research opportunities, small class sizes with personalized attention from academically and professionally qualified faculty, and helpful assistantship and financial aid options to make education affordable.



RWU的差异为学生的课程量身定制了体验, 允许他们在选择的职业道路上高度投入. This is an integral part of our undergraduate curriculum as the 范斯坦服务学习毕业要求 and the fabric of our academic program. 



These real-world work experiences allow you to leave the classroom and gain practical experience. See how our students have collaborated with professionals to solve problems and add value to an organization.


环境工程专业的米歇尔·克里尔 is part of a long-term microplastics sampling campaign whose goal is to create a database of freshwater and atmospheric microplastics measurements in Rhode Island.


See how MBA student Keegan Heston played a vital role in bringing Providence's iconic art installation to life, all while building communication and management skills to further his career.


土木工程专业的Nathan Silviera researched ways to create a soil erosion control technology that is 3D printed using soybean-based ink through his internship.


Public Health major Emma worked with the Providence Emergency Management Agency to make sure the capital city is ready to respond when things go awry and that she's ready for a career after graduation.


环境科学专业的Mandi Greenhalgh是 monitoring water quality as the Bristol County Water Authority removes the lower Kickemuit River dam in Warren.

R中的一天.I. Crime Lab

Go behind the scenes of working inside the state’s crime laboratory with Forensic Science major Daryn Javer.



实习是我们动手研究生项目的主要内容. Roger Williams University offers more than a dozen master's and certificate programs in a variety of disciplines, 包括建筑和保护实践, 工商管理, 施工管理, Criminal Justice and Cybersecurity; Forensic and legal Psychology and 法医心理健康咨询; Leadership, Public Administration; and Special Education. 



通过发现学生们热衷的工作, 他们可以提高自己的技能, certifications, 和资格, 让他们更有竞争力,为未来的工作做好准备. 实习机会包括学分, paid, full-time, 还有一些组织的兼职实习, 研究实习, 学生教学, 服务实习.



Roger Williams University offers two international internship programs that integrate a cultural element into the workplace experience and earn academic credits.

Kelice Agosto

Internship, Leadership Roles Prepare Graduate Student for Clinical Therapist Position

Kelice Agosto, RWU 2023届毕业生

“My internship at the Rhode Island State Psychiatric Hospital helped me take what I learned from the classroom and apply it to real world settings. I learned how to conduct competency to stand trial evaluations with individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. 在我的法律和心理健康课上, I learned about the issues the criminal justice system and mental health care faced. At my internship, I witnessed how those issues affected the patients that I worked with.”